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Uitvaart Fonds

If you are a bit older, taking out a funeral insurance policy can entail a relatively high premium.
In many cases it is wise to pay an amount for the costs of your funeral, because of this Consuelo Memorial for its members, the “Fondo di Entiero Nos Consuelo” created.
Through this fund you can safely save for your funeral.
The funds received are placed on deposits with well-known Dutch banks. In short, save safely!

The fund is not only open to members of Consuelo Memorial.
You can deposit the desired amount in one go or in installments (minimum amount of Usd 15 per deposit), after which the interest will be credited annually.
You decide how much and when this amount is deposited. With this deposit you can cover the costs of your funeral in advance.


It is also possible that one of our funeral directors, after an appointment has been made with us,
comes to your home for the funeral of you or your partner or discuss other family members in its entirety.

When everything has been gone through and discussed, we will make an estimate of what the funeral will cost today.
You can also choose a package directly. Say that this is currently Usd 3,500.
If you agree with this, you can deposit this amount in one go or in installments.

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