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Why become a member?

As a member of the Consuelo Memorial funeral association you only pay Usd 5, - per year.
This concerns a family membership including children up to 18 years. Membership offers you a number of important benefits.


Financial advantage

For example, you will receive a member discount - to be determined annually - on the costs of your funeral at Consuelo Memorial.
And we use reasonable rates.

But there's more…

Consuelo Memorial, in consultation with you, will create your special wishlist
And as an extra service we can take your wish list into custody. As a member, you can also make use of the Funeral Fund.
If you make a sufficient deposit, you know that the funeral costs are covered. A reassuring thought!

The contribution for membership also guarantees the continued existence of the funeral society Consuelo Memorial,
so that the high-quality care of funerals is guaranteed in the future.

Would you like to To become a member of Consuelo Memorial, please contact us.

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